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demeanour's Journal

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19 March
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Hmmm...now do I step lightly to the spotlight or shimmy on up to the microphone and murmur in that gravel-over-velvet voice of mine, 'Hello...'?

Ah, the lights are up, you can see my eyes appraise you and a nonchalent smile play on my lips.

I'm a sweet tempestuous redhead with a certain penchant for books, music, films, chocolate, skittles (but not the orange ones - I hate all things fake orange), Leicester City FC, dancing, rain, birdsong, gin and tonic. What else? I wanted to be Judy Garland when I was eight years old. My darling brother says I'm more like Anjelica though; no, not Huston, she of Rugrats fame (but then he would say that as I'm his big sister). There's an angel there somewhere though as I've oft said before, 'If I were angelic, I'd tread oh so softly...' Still with me? Maybe it's Lullabel Starfish crooning to the anemones.

Oh, and I love writing, adore wandering in my heart and mind. And I'm still searching for my long-lost friend from the beach...
aimee mann, albert finney, anita o'day, audrey hepburn, beauty, belgium, belle and sebastian, beth orton, billie holiday, birdsong, biscuits, blondie, books, boots, brahms, carol o'connell, cary grant, cherries, chet baker, chocolate, clouds, coleman hawkins, colin dexter, cooking, craig armstrong, damien rice, dancing, dave brubeck, daydreaming, digressing, duke ellington, dunhill international cigarettes, ebtg, faith, films, football, forgiveness, frank sinatra, freedom, gabriel byrne, gin, hats, he bates, henry fonda, honesty, honour, inspector morse, integrity, jack lemmon, jack vettriano, james stewart, jazz, jeanne moreau, jill mcgown, jimmy durante, john galsworthy, john lennon, john lewis, judy garland, judy holliday, jules et jim, julie london, jumping in puddles, june christy, kate bush, laughter, leicester city fc, lipstick, lisa hannigan, listening, london, love, love for lydia, magpie over the hill, mascara, massive attack, mjq, moby, moulin rouge, music, nina simone, nitin sawhney, noel coward, oscar peterson, paris, paul desmond, peaches, peggy lee, people, pj harvey, puddings, rain, raspberries, raymond chandler, reading, red wine, respect, rob dougan, rufus wainwright, salads, shelly manne, shoes, simone white, sixpence none the richer, solitude, stan getz, sunsets, sunshine, suzanne vega, talking, tea, the beatles, the cure, the divine comedy, the four beauties, the sleepless moon, therapy, tori amos, trains, trust, truth, understanding, voices, walter matthau, water, writing, yael naim, yoga

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