Naomi (demeanour) wrote,

It's been a long time...

A lot has happened since I wrote on here back in March last year. Back then, I'd been gone a few weeks and was getting used to life in the real world again. I think it's good that I didn't know just how much I'd have to deal with then, otherwise I may just have bottled out and not taken that fantastic chance to live again.

I saw the doc the other week. He said I'd been through a life changing event so it was only natural that there's some underlying depression and anxiety and mentioned the dreaded PTSD. Sighs, like I don't know that. As I agreed at the time with the other doc, what I was feeling was normal given the nature of what happened.

I said to Dad the other day that a lot of what happened last summer is blurred. Hardly surprising given the stupid letters, the financial mess and trying to put my life back together. It's strange though because of all the practical issues I had to resolve a lot of the healing I'd have embarked upon was put on hold. It's only really this year that I've started to touch on some of those things.

I may write more later.
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