Naomi (demeanour) wrote,

So tired...

Actually, I'm not that tired, just a little weary.

It's been a long time since I wrote here and I'm not sure I can be bothered with the chronological update at this hour. I do want to say a few things though.

I've been learning to drive the last few months and passed my theory test the other day. I got 100% in the multiple choice theory part (that's 35/35) and 60/75 in the hazard perception. Jo, my instructor said that's good enough to be an instructor - they need 33/35 and 55/75 in the 2 parts of the test. I was very pleased with my result and know I've still some way to go as I've the practical to pass yet, still halfway there.

We've still not got married. And no, we've still not even registered at the registry office.

I miss having my own money. Let's face it, after working for as long as I did I was used to running my life. I'm in no mood to go over finances right now though. If things aren't resolved in the next 6 months I'll resolve them one way or another.

I just keep remembering that George Harrison line, "All things must pass."

One thing I'm definitely looking forward to is going to London early in the new year. I'm off with my folks to see Anything Goes and spend a couple of nights there. It'll be so good to be back in my favourite place.

I'm off to bed now. Early start tomorrow up to Rosedale Abbey and then on to the coast.
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