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This mess we're in...

Another year older, another year wiser

Hmmmthat remains to be seen. Not that Im yet another year older, just almost there.

Well, its been a long time since I wrote so Ill skip over the traces of my recent past. Skip? That sounds far too light, come to think of it theres not been an awful lot of light in my life of late.

What with the indigos hitting in January (God, I really wanted to die at times, only thoughts of family and one or two friends kept me safe), a meddling friend and this cold grey weather Ive not been my most sociable self. Not that Ive not made an effort. Come the beginning of February I dragged myself out of bed early one dismal rainy Saturday morning to go to Oxford. I had a nice, albeit uneventful, day. The highlight was eating cake and drinking tea in some tiny coffee shop. Still, Ill be thankful for Mark for being there when I was at one of my lowest ebbs. The following week Ian came down. He cut my hair on the Friday evening and we slobbed out in front of trashy tv programmes. We tripped around Covent Garden in the morning, ate lasagne and drank coffee and mooched around the shops. Later, we saw My Fair Lady (very enjoyable it was too despite terribly cramped seats). Sunday found us listening to my crazy CD collection as he said he couldnt stop laughing at how eclectic my tastes are. Then he was back up north for a date that never materialized. Hmmmthats men for you. The following week saw me jaunting up to Leicester for Auntie Dot and Uncle Daves Ruby Wedding do. That was lovely - fabulous food, great company and lots of wine and laughter. Oooh! Mummys Sunday Roast (beef, Yorkshire puddings the works in other words) before I made my south again.

Ah, kinda forgot to mention the review with Ken & Gary (they still think Im marvellous, they gave me a pay rise) sometime around then. Works pretty good actually, busy, interesting and hell, it keeps me occupied and out of trouble.

The weekend after that I was supposed to meet up with Geoff. Never happened as I had a strange voicemail left for me. You know the weird crappy things that sometimes happen and you think, Uhhhwhy me? Well, it was like that. Lesley left me a message saying, Oh, I think I might have some interesting news for you about a mutual acquaintance of oursunless of course, you are the lady in questionI wonder. She left another desperate message the following day, trying to get hold of me to spill her wonderful news. Of course, I knew she was referring to Jon and guessed hed met someone else. Twisted way of telling me though. When I did speak to her she said Sally had saidetc etcwell, suffice to say it was third hand news and that hed met someone and moved her in to live with him. Fast work said Heather to me, either that or hed been involved with her some of the time hed been with me. Huh! Not that I was that important. Anyway, I had been expecting it, so although the way Lesley took delight in being the bearer of bad news was shocking, the news itself was not. I could feel her disappointment when she didnt get her desired reaction. Heigh ho. Funny, but Ive not heard a thing from her since.

Later that week my computer died well the casing did. So, I got on the phone to Trevor who was such a darling and agreed to come and build me a new one. So, I apologized in a no explanations, just had a shit time way to Geoff about not meeting up. Then it was another weekend ahead so I toddled off to Bluewater to buy pressies for Mum (birthday and Mothers Day) and then mooched around the rest of the time. Trev arrived very late on Sunday and stayed to fix said computer. We crashed out on Monday night eating enchiladas and drinking tea. Later that week it was off to the JCWI course on Immigration Law & Practice, which was a bit of a hoot considering their information on work permits was woefully out of date. I got to speak quite a bit and the first day Sam and I met up with her friend Brendan and got rather drunk in Wetherspoons in Holborn. The following day when we got off from the course early (thank god, it was frightfully dull and tough going that afternoon) we dawdled around the shops in Canary Wharf. I arranged for flowers to be delivered to Mum for Mothers Day and they arrived early Saturday morning. She was so happy and it was lovely to hear they were absolutely gorgeous and smelled divine.

Come Saturday lunchtime Id arranged to meet up with Geoff for dinner that evening (something spicy I said, yup, Lebanese food sounded good). I bumped into Jon online who made no mention of said girlfriend, just that hed been in Singapore on business the week before and itd been interesting. Who cares, I hope hes happy. I fell asleep in the bath and ended up running around frantically trying to dry my hair and get ready so that I wouldnt be horrendously late. I rang Geoff who told me to calm down and stop panicking, to call him when I arrived in Hammersmith. Ok, so I ended up being an hour later than originally planned and saw all the people arriving to see Jack Dee and thought, Sheesh! If Id remembered Id have liked to have seen him. Oh well, shame about Suzanne Vega too Geoff said she was coming to the Hammersmith Apollo too (day before my birthday) but Eddies here then so itd be unfair to bugger off and anyway, tis too late to get tickets now.

We went to Chez Marcelle, the little Lebanese restaurant nearby and scoffed lovely stuffed lamb and other assorted goodies, chatted amiably for a few hours then had a drive around. Rather than rush around for a train, I stayed over at Geoffs. It was lovely and sad and horrible in so many different ways. There was one point where he was asking me about dreams and asked if theyd all been crushed, dreams are different to plans. He said, Ah, have I hit a nerve? and I started to cry. He really is a good man. We had a lot of fun that Sunday.

I went to Yoga for the first time in ages this Monday and really enjoyed it. I intend going regularly again which is good. I want to start walking home from work again too still too dark and cold at the moment though. Not a lot else to report (well Im sure there is, just I cant be bothered to say anything about it) so I think Ill push off and rustle up something in the kitchen. Chinese of some description, I think.
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