Naomi (demeanour) wrote,

A Year On...

Well, I've been down here a year now. Funny, but I thought my mum and dad would've commented but they haven't. Neither has anyone else come to think of it. Except me.

So, what's changed, what's new since then?

Well, I settled into my new job well, found a flat I like enough to have extended the tenancy agreement again and dallied a little with the stronger sex. I sometimes wonder though whether men are stronger. Physically, yes, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually, intellecutally? Dunno.

I've learnt a lot about myself, my desires and my needs. I don't know if I'm really any the wiser, but I've certainly enjoyed myself, and that's the ups, the downs and the completely spun arounds!

I still look out over the river every day and wonder how I came here. I still love too much. Then again, that's just me.

Oh, and I love yoga. I enjoy that so much.

G'night world. It's difficult sometimes living, being but it's good nonetheless.
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