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So who's been a grouch pot the last couple of days. Yup, me. Work's been hectic and tiring, I guess I'm just ready for my hols. And it's bad enough without my mum 'phoning me first thing in the morning demanding had I read her text messages, where was I last night etc etc etc.

Sigh. She calmed later and sent me another text message that was more cheery and didn't send my hackles up. God, I dunno, I was just feeling pulled apart. Nice chat with Eddie tonight and he's fine about not coming down here when we're both off on leave. He's happy enough to see me for however long I'm up at the folks. Sorted my Christmas haircut with Ian this lunchtime and also one inbetween early October.

Trev's gone to Wales. Hope he has fun.

Oh, and last Friday I was out with Sam and Dave to see ......... Ha! Jokes abounded about getting the family lawyers onto them about the name thing. Hey ho, they were technically proficient but not awe inspiring. The meringue clad drummer (yes she was female) was amusing and we still think they all looked like they'd wandered off the set of Planet of the Apes. Uhh...except the drummer who looked like some tripped out teenage werewolf dude. Ok, so I'm exaggerating.

And no, the bastard hasn't called. Time to knock that one on the head methinks. Maxwell's silver hammer? Nice idea...

God, I watch some drivel sometimes. There's some crap about alien abductions on the telly right now. I say watch, really I'm not, it's just on. Bloody stupid rubbish.

Well tomorrow England play Albania. I doubt it'll be as exciting as the England-Germany match (I danced around the room in my flat watching that on Saturday night). Tomorrow we're watching it at Zero Degrees as Alan arranged drinks for then. Ho hum.

I'm off to sleep. G'night to another day in nowheresville.
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