Naomi (demeanour) wrote,

Ok, I'm an impatient wretch

An impatient wretch and a tired one at that. But I know trouble melts like lemon drops so I'll remember Glinda the Good and close my eyes, click my heels together and believe. I'm smiling here. Smiling at the memory of when Dad took me to see that magical double-bill - tom Thumb and The Wizard of Oz. And yes, i hid behind the seats (no I didn't get on the floor, I was stood up because I was so excited so kinda crouched down, my little hands clutching the seat in front of me. Of course I wasn't scared! I'd got my Dad sat next to me. What a fabulous Saturday afternoon that was. I didn't go kicking and screaming that day (not like when my poor Mum dragged me along the seafront to see Mary Poppins, bribed me with peach melba ice cream - and all because I'd wanted to stay and play with Simon on the beach). Mum was in London for the weekend so Dad took me to the pictures for a treat. God! It was fantastic. Mum bought me a snowstorm with a London bus in it that moved along in front of Buckingham Palace. I was so pleased, so proud of that snowstorm that I took it to nursery with me the next week. And that little horro climbed to the top of the climbing frame and dropped it...on purpose. Miss Lamb tut-tutted and said I shouldn't have brought it in anyway. I said I only wanted to show everybody and theres was no need for her (the little monster) to drop it on purpose. All shrugged off, probably to stem my tears. Next time I'm in the City I might pop into one of those shops that seels all the tourist tat (c'mon admit it, we all indulge in this tat buying nonsense) and see if I can find another snowstorm like that one.

Hope. I've gotta live up to my name.
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