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When will you make my phone ring?

Why are men so useless when it comes to phone calls? If its not three times in an evening every evening (or morning or afternoon for that matter) its exactly on time every time or leaving you half gasping like a fish struggling for air or slowly curling up one yourself like a wilting flower. Youre either stifled and exhausted, left feeling like youve some clock watching freak on your hands or some sadistic, or worse, uncaring bastard who doesnt give a damn. Men are from Mars eh? Huh! Sometimes I wonder if theyre even in the same universe, it certainly feels like some weird parallel universe at times.

Yes. Im pissed off waiting. Bloody pissed off and depressed and feeling neglected. Ergo I am neglected.

I tried pretending I was find and dandy, tripping on the water like the laughing girl. I tried consoling myself with his muttered comment to himself as he switched off his mobile and said, Shes not going to call. Shes here as we sat in the pub last week. He said hell call, so why the fuck hasnt he? Am I being unreasonable to expect him to call? I dont bloody think so. Even anger isnt working though. I just feel small and defenceless, vulnerable. And Ive got a cold and horrid earache.
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