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Something cool...

Well, I wore the coal grey silk dress, stockings and heels and was surprised at how many people stared at me. Ok, so it was just after five when I trotted along the river path, but on the tube? I arrived with a couple of minutes to spare, looked around and couldn't see him anywhere and then there he was, stood by the railings in front of me. I hardly saw the people in front of me as I moved past them to greet him. Weird.

Anyway, drinks in some pub or other (I really don't have a clue where it was, just that it was just around the corner from the Pizza Express in Dean Street. He asked me what i wanted to drink. I said, "Something cool" to which he replied, "You've got me". ;o) Chatted, as engrossing as ever but this time none of the rules he mentioned before. I was too interested in what he was saying to notice at the time. Later we made our way on to see Scott Hamilton and chums (really remiss of me but I can't remember their names). Arrived at the door and he pointed out his booking. Hmmmso I got to find out his full name as well as where he worked (he'd told me that he works as freelance consultant for a PR firm of which he's also a Director). So pizza, wine and more chat then it was time to settle back and listen to the jazz. They were fantastic. They played Love Letters, When I Fall in Love, Sweet and Lovely, well loads of songs and they were excellent. All to soon it was over and just like Judy Garland saying, "No, I don't ever wanna go home," I was being steered to a taxi. Well it was after midnight - he offered to drop me somewhere but I needed to be ensconced in a cab really, though his arms would have been mighty fine. He said he'll call me, I said will you? He said yes.

So, it was home, feeling bewitched, bothered and bewildered. I dawdled into work and arrived at 9:47am to find the door shut and the buzzer not working - had to call them on my mobile to let me in! Strange feelings all weekend. Today dawned better though and I've amused myself with musicals since this afternoon. First I watched The Sound of Music on tv (and yes, I blubbed at the appropriate moments), then listened to The King and I, Oklahoma!, Carousel and South Pacific. Now I've got Mack and Mabel on. I think I'll listen to My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Damn Yankees and Bells Are Ringing too. I actually ate dinner for the first time in a week too. Ok, so I ate dinner with Ian the other night, but I mean here, on my own.

I think I'll try 'phoning one of the women Ali gave me the names of - the ones who do belly dancing classes. I need to get out more.

I won't send roses, but roses suit you so. I'd like a postcard from Venice, that'd be a start.
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